TENSPAD SILVER pads only compatible with Slendertone Arms Woman

(*) Slendertone is a brand not related to the TENSPAD SILVER brand

  • Self-adhesive electrodes, CE certified as a class I * medical grade product.
  • Hypoallergenic hydrogel that does not irritate the skin.
  • Dermatologically tested product

* CE Certificate No. 02289 according to 93/42 / EEC standards, issued by the NQA Global Accredited Certification Body certification body

Composition of replacement electrodes for Slendertone devices

Robust structure, excellent adhesiveness

Excellent conductivity of electrical impulses

Like the originals, our pads have a 3-layer structure:

  • upper outer layer of adhesive conductive hydrogel for contact with the belt
  • inner layer of superconducting carbon film
  • outer layer of adhesive conductive hydrogel for skin contact
  • Pad adhesiveness

The adhesive properties have been clinically tested to ensure that the gel remains on the electrode and not on skin or clothing, and it is also highly hypoallergenic, suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Hydrogel is medical grade

Hypoallergenic hydrogel does not irritate the skin
Rigorous quality control
Optimal durability
Last the same and cost less
Do not hesitate, see for yourself, the same benefits.

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