• Electrodo 50x50 mm con SNAP compatible con COMPEX
  • Electrodo 50x50 mm con SNAP compatible con COMPEX
  • Electrodo 50x50 mm con SNAP compatible con COMPEX

8 Electrodes TENSPAD 50x50 mm with SNAP for COMPEX


SUPER OFFER: Pack of 8 reusable electrodes with built-in hypoallergenic gel, connector SNAP diameter 3.5 mm, compatible with COMPEX devices *, size 50 x 50 mm

* brand of a company not related to TENSPAD.COM (BOGMAR CANARIAS S.L.)

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The careful choice of the materials used for electrode manufacturing guarantees a very high quality product at a very competitive price.



Our SNAP type connector is compatible with all COMPEX devices that use this connector.



The upper part of the electrode is made of non-woven fabric, material that provides the maximum comfort and durability of the product.



The main characteristic that determines the quality of the electrode is its impedance: the lower the impedance, the electrical conductivity is better, and therefore the intensity of electrostimulation is increased.
In the vast majority of other brands of TENS electrodes, the surface impedance of the carbon film exceeds 200 Ω, while the impedance of our electrodes is less than 100 Ω.


The use of carbon superconducting film ensures a homogeneous distribution of electric charge over the entire surface of the electrode, avoiding the appearance of "hot spots".



When designing our hydrogel, the objective to achieve has been to always maintain the comfortable and moderate adhesion, and to avoid losses or excess adhesion in diverse environmental conditions, especially in extremely dry or humid environments.

All our electrodes carry hydrogel G607 suitable for very extreme humidity ranges.

Its main features are:

- bio-compatibility,

- painless when taking off

- very good adhesion on the skin

- very resistant structure

- reuse up to 80 times under ideal conditions and proper maintenance